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Shaman & Angakkoq

Shaman & Angakkoq

Sha (to know / (knowledge from) man (to urge / contact worlds)

Angakkoq (spirits)

Shamanism is considered to be the oldest form of spiritual life that has existed on earth. Old cave excavations from e.g. Spain and Greenland show pictures in stone confirming this.

The shaman can "see" into the 3 worlds:

  • Our visible world


  • The underworld


  • The upper world

Through his trance journeys, another dimension is achieved and the expansion of discoveries, understanding and wisdom from other beings and worlds.

Everything is circles
  • In the shamanic world and among natives like the Eskimos, everything is circles. Ranging from the smallest round atoms moving around each other in circles, to the largest galaxies moving around other large galaxies. Life itself is such a circle where life and death are part of the whole. In the circle there is no beginning, no end. Everything moves

  • Angakkoq, the spirit man, and the shaman work in a trance and can thereby enter a state of another consciousness. This journey can e.g. happen via the work of the drum. From here, he or she can communicate or receive messages from the upper world or the underworld

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